15 most powerful surrealistic Photoshop tutorials

15 most powerful surrealistic Photoshop tutorials

People always love surrealistic arts. This is why I collected last four months’ 15 best imaginary tutorials of the famous Photoshop tutorial site PSDtuts. The collection has tutorials for depicting dreamlike scenes, dark effects, firing skulls, demonic scenes, etc.

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Out of bounds fantasy illustration

Out of bounds surreal tutorial

Realistic flaming skull Photoshop tutorial

Realistic fire skull tutorial

Surrealistic feathered crow Photoshop tutorial

Surrealistic crow photoshop tutorial

Extraterrestrial retro illustration

Future illustration photoshop tutorial

Grunge coffee portrait Photoshop tutorial

Coffee grunge portrait Photoshop tutorial

How to make amazing scene with vast vivid colors

Vivid colorful scene photoshop tutorial

Surreal twisting water photo manipulation tutorial

Surreal twisting water photoshop tutorial

Dark cartoon like illustration Photoshop tutorial

Digital illustration involving nature

Lovely colorful effects in Photoshop

Abstract light stripes Photoshop tutorial

Retro snowboard trial tutorial

Flaming fire photo tutorial in Photoshop

Demonic scene tutorial

Retrofuturistic Photoshop tutorial illustrating space montage


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