Introducing the Serendipity blog engine

Introducing the Serendipity blog engine

There is lots of PHP based blogging software that can easily be used as a content management system, CMS. This post is about fairly new software that has many features. Meet Serendipity.

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Serendipity is free under the BSD license. Due to its plugin architecture it is open to user upgrades and modifications. The template system is the well known Smarty PHP framework. This makes it very easy to develop new themes for Serendipity for those who know PHP and Smarty. What make it very convincing are the flexible database storage engines. Despite of the common PHP based content management systems, Serendipity supports MySQL, SQLLite and PostreSQL by default.

The list of the main features includes:

  • WYSIWYG and HTML editing
  • Configurable permission/usergroup system
  • Internationalization
  • Online plugin and template repository for easy plug-and-play installation
  • Easy drag-and-drop sidebar plugins organization
  • Static Pages
  • Podcasting
  • Robust spam blocking
  • One-click upgrading from any version
  • Can be embedded into your existing web pages
  • Remote blogging via XML-RPC
  • Shared installations can power multiple blogs from just one codebase
  • Native import from earlier blog applications (WordPress, Textpattern, Moveable Type, bblog, etc.)


  1. John conrad says:

    Very useful information. Thanks for this. You got a great blog .I will be interested in more similar topics.I’m very interested in CMS and all its related subjects.


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