300+ Free premium Joomla themes for download

300+ Free premium Joomla themes for download

The author of Joomla Premum Themes blog at blogspot collected more than 350 premium Joomla themes and they are offered to download for free! You must see this collection!

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The author of released a rich collection of premium Joomla themes to download for free. You can navigate through his archives and watch a live demo of each theme and you can download it for free if any of them catch you. My personal favorites are listed below.


The Magazeen theme originally was created for WordPress, but it got transformed fast to support Joomla. The name describes the theme. It was designed to be a performed magazin template. It has a clean and great design with a blue, dark gray and pink color scheme.

Magazeen Joomla premium theme


The Meridian theme of RocketTheme’s is a new premium Joomla template. To enlist some of its qualities: integrated AJAX based modules, fresh colors, Joomla 1.5 support, etc.

Meridian Joomla premium theme


JoomlaXTC NewsPro is a powerful premium Joomla template. In terms of design it has a trendy colorful header with some light glow effects, but not this is what makes it a great competitor. The theme has support for many color schemes including font color changes, multipe type of JavaScript menus, hover effects, 20+ module positions, cross browser support, etc.

Newspro Joomla premium theme

eShop dark

The dark edition of GK eShop theme caught my eye by its amazing professional, elegant, slick dark design. Besides its clear design, it also has multiple color schemes, PhotoSlide GK2 and News Show GK3 included.


  1. great, thanks a lot for the list. I just picked up meridian

  2. Really cool collection of templates. Thank you and sucess!.

  3. Greyholme says:

    Can anyone provide a few suggested template galleries for Joomla?

  4. Vrdnik Banja says:

    Thanks for the best joomla themes!!!

  5. Thanks for your time and work collecting and listing these great themes for us. Definitely will use some of them in my future projects:)


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