10 top benefits choosing jQuery

10 top benefits choosing jQuery

Probably you already heard about jQuery. It is widely used by brands like Google, Microsoft, Dell and open source like Wordpress and Drupal. This post collects the top ten pro arguments choosing jQuery is good.

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JavaScript frameworks like Script.aculo.us, Prototype or Mootools are very popular. In fact, there are numerous attempts developing and maintaining a good JavaScript framework that can be used with ease by those non familiar with this client side scripting language. What my point is not that the frameworks mentioned above are not good enough; there are lots of people who swear for them, but my point is that jQuery is something different!

  1. No problem if an elements doesn’t exists (needless to check null objects)
  2. Incredibly good CSS selector integration
  3. Using chains of actions
  4. Model-View-Controller + JavaScript architecture (great decoupling, benefits of cohesion)
  5. Great community behind: lots of great plugins and helpful support
  6. Simple, clean development
  7. AJAX just performs great!
  8. Tons of tutorials online
  9. Lightweight (less than 20 KB)
  10. CSS 3 compliant and

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