Meet the Greetbox

Meet the Greetbox

WP-GreetBox is a very useful plugin to ask your readers become returning visitors in a pleasant way. This is due to the automatic referrer detection!

WP Greet Box icon
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WP-GreetBox is a very handy plugin I use on more of my sites, including Webdevelog and FirstHandWeb. It is a free plugin (but it obviously serves premium quality) that automatically detects who the referrer is or checks if you are a new visitor and pops up a little fancy message asking you to do different actions like subscribe to RSS, or to Digg the post you’re reading. I really like this great WordPress plugin.

wp-greetbox WordPress plugin

Thank you Thaya Kareeson.


  1. This is a very nice plugin to have on one’s site. I had to remove it after a while as I could see that it did not help me out that much and I wanted to reduce the number of plugins installed and running on my blog.

  2. Well, nothing is useful for everybody, but it worth a try 🙂


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