Blog design best practices #1

Blog design best practices #1

Premium blogs use design best practices in order to achieve the quality of the blog layout. This article provides an overview of these best practices every blogger must know!

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Many newbie bloggers ask their selves: what make a design good for blogging? As a matter of fact there is no general rule, but there exists a bunch of design techniques which transforms the original design to a more professional one. So, everybody can transform a free WordPress template into a unique, premium WordPress template. It must be noticed, that this takes only time, but it is free.

Step 1. Website quality assuring

The first thing you must do is to ensure your site fits the basic quality aspects of a web site. These are globally available, not just in case of blogs. If one or more criterion is missing, do your best and fix it!

  1. Color scheme: the principal colors of the design must fit together well.
  2. Font face diversity: the number of font families used on the site must be limited to one or at most two.
  3. Size factor: big is good, but giant is terrible. Try to keep your design airy but do not exaggerate the width or height of elements.
  4. Effects rush: thin, light effects gain a great reputation for the site, but where a vast effecting is applied, the content will suffer!
  5. Color gradients: gradients can make a design smooth, thus they are good. The only thing to keep in mind to make only light gradients and only in one way (vertically or horizontally) if possible.
  6. Layout overview: the site must contain only the essential part of information at one time, thus the site will be easy to figure out and the navigation will do the rest.

Step 2. Blog design best practices

After your blog passed the basic quality assurance, you may think of what makes a good better blog design. This part is relative, but most of the designers accept that the main goal is to broadcast content. Publishing a vast amount of content needs a well organized content area in the layout. This part of the blog layout must be clearly observable and easy to read. The second most important thing what a premium blog must have is an evolved navigation system to guide the reader through content.

Both of these topics will be discussed in details soon.



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